Just Another Working Day (1992)

Running for a Train 3.32
Tell it how it is 4.35
Tourist 5.10
Big Money 4.00
Gunslinging 4.43
Is it any Wonder? 4.55
Just Another Working Day 3.31 - click to hear sample
Thirsty Flood 4.35
Patience of a Saint 2.50
Heads Held High 5.13 - click to hear sample

All songs written by Claire Mooney.
Acoustic guitar & vocals by Claire Mooney.
Other instruments by Mick Routledge
Excluding violin, alto & soprano sax by Emma Jarman
Tabla by Jaydev Mistry
Arrangements by Mick Routledge. Recorded by Mick Routledge at his Studio X. Produced by Claire Mooney. Edited at The Moss. Consultant Korky the cat.


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  Just Another Working Day

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